can it be better?

can it be better?

If you only had four words to define the philosophy I want rerouted co-op to be guided by, what would they be?

I don’t recall the context of this question, but I heard it recently and it’s something I have been trying to hammer down. I believe that as more people are brought into the organization - we will need simple ways to spread the vision. 

Can it be better? Is something I constantly ask myself. This, in my mind, covers the spectrum. Better means simpler, easier, more efficient, cleaner etc. I want my whole organization repeating this over and over.

But, here is a fun exercise for you all to join me in. I am going to answer this question for four more days. That will give us five phrases in total to help me break down the ethos, pathos and logos of rerouted co-op. Feel free to join and share. 

What four words would you use to define the way you perceive life?

Originally written on April 20, 2020

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