Chris’ phone

Chris’ phone

We went on a work trip recently. In a freak situation, Chris kicked his phone out of the car at an abandoned gas station during a quick bio break. It’s shocking neither of us noticed the phone fall or saw it on the ground.

We were at least an hour away before Chris realized that his phone was missing. He was in great spirits about the whole situation. It was too late to go back - but we hoped that it may still be there when we came home. 

After a weekend without his phone, we made sure to stop to see if the phone was still there and functional. Of course, at the random gas station in New Mexico, Chris found his phone. Dead, but otherwise just fine. We plugged it in and were on our way.

The quick commentary I wanted to make was regarding Chris’s attitude during the interim. He was stunned, but not angry or frustrated. He remained hopeful & in good humor. That is the mindset of an entrepreneur. 

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