Curiosity created the Bezos

Curiosity created the Bezos

They say that curiosity killed the cat. I am not sure where this phrase came from. I guess I get it - a wandering cat can stumble into a bad situation and wind up mortally wounded. It’s kind of a bizarre phrase though.

I think this phrase has lost loads of value - and potentially has not meant anything meaningful for many centuries. It’s bad advice to not be curious. Without curiosity, how are we supposed to explore big solutions. Apparently, Leonardo Da Vinci asked why the sky was blue. 

And the proof is in the pudding - Bezos is the king of pushing for people to chase what seems unrealistic or impossible. That dude’s curiosity is taking over the world. Curiosity is what lead him to chase the innovations in the internet. I think that’s enough of the phrase - curiosity killed the cat. I think the reminder that all of us need is instead - curiosity created the Bezos. 

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