Disappoint as fuel

Disappoint as fuel

My streak ended. This weekend I got distracted by a bunch of changes in my routine. This can’t be an excuse. I made it nearly two weeks. Guess what, that means I know that I can do better on the next try. Really get out ahead of it. 

I let myself down & wasn’t successful at what I was trying to accomplish. Instead of letting it beat me down and make me sad, I started to seek out a better solution! I started thinking about the information at my disposal. I have a decently sized backlog of posts (maybe 20). I have a desire to consistently post every day. Without fail. 

Instead of asking myself to make the post every day - I should be scheduling it ahead of time. I know that I can schedule my posts for a week ahead. If I am doing this, it’s like I am working in the future. The current chaos won’t impact my output or affect my streak. Problem solving and initiative are the keys to success in objectives like this.

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