feeling good

It’s amazing how things just seem to work out. I took a little bit over two weeks off from writing my blog. I needed the extra time in the mornings to get to work. Waking up with action items brewing was a good thing worth capitalizing on. 

The world will get a full debrief, and I'll break down the process in a couple chapters. I am excited to get back to writing again. I got unbelievably lucky when I stopped writing blogs. I had mentioned that I was a solid two weeks ahead in my posting so there was plenty of cushion. 

All the cushion is gone. I am back to being one day ahead. I have a strategy to get ahead again. Now that my schedule is changing again. Just gotta keep swimming as Dory says.

I am looking forward to catching everyone up into the inner workings of Rerouted and my mind.  

Originally written on June 27, 2020.

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