Get it on the table

Get it on the table

Events can be such a learning experience if taken to the next level. The people tabling at events really embrace just a couple of stereotypes. Let the record show that I genuinely love to table. I love talking to users, current or potential. 

But most people tabling, they go two ways. They either clearly hate it. They hate talking to strangers, they don’t care that much about what they’re pitching. They look like they need a shot of tequila and a hug. You know the ones I am referring to. It’s especially bad when it’s cold. Miserable.

The other crew are the ones that flip the other side of the coin. They’re ecstatic to be there. They can’t say enough good things. They’re ready to answer questions and bring the ENTHUSIASM.

But, you know, it’s really hard to learn from users when you aren’t listening. It’s really hard for the standard tabler to make meaningful impacts on an organization. That’s why I think it’s so freaking valuable for leadership teams to be boots on the ground. Talk, ask questions, evaluate the answers customers give you. 

This is the best way to get a user road map - just ask & listen to the answers.

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