got answers?

got answers?

All of you reading this are so special. The knowledge, experience and answers you all have will determine the success of rerouted co-op. Our mission is to help you buy, sell and donate used outdoor gear easier - while donating to local sustainability, access and education charities. 

You already know that though. We are addressing our early adopters directly. We are so grateful you have already chosen to engage with us by following, subscribing and reaching out to us. It is crucially important to us that we gather as much honest information we can from you all. I have requested feedback before. We have already heard so many awesome and actionable suggestions from you all. 

We need your help answering a few questions. Below are five foundational questions. They are primarily about your used gear behaviors in the past. Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated and will help us improve the quality of rerouted co-op immediately.

    1. How have you bought outdoor gear in the past 3 years? Stores, online, Craigslist?
    2. Do you currently have any used outdoor gear in storage that is gathering dust? Why haven’t you donated/sold it yet? 
    3. What have you done with your used outdoor gear in the past? Sold on Craigslist? Donated to who? Sold on FB? 
    4. Can you describe what outdoor gear you like to buy used? Buy new? Why do you make those choices?
  • FUN QUESTION: What gear do you wish you could buy on our website today?
  • Feel free to respond publicly, or send me an email at Don’t hesitate to answer only one or two questions. Or answer them all in a paragraph. Whatever boats your float. Thank you so much in advance for your thoughtful responses.

    Photo by Jules Bss on Unsplash

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