hobbling around

hobbling around

It’s weird suffering a fluke injury. Sometimes, they just happen. You sleep a little funky. Currently, I have a seriously achey, pretty tight lower back. Yoga has been the focus. I reconverted to the standing desk. I am remembering to wear better shoes. This painful reminder of good habits should serve me well moving forward.

My back is spasming because I have spent too much time sitting at my desk with garbage posture. I am the one to blame for this. While it is a fluke - it was also likely preventable.

The inevitable injury, whether mind or body, serves as a refresher course on preparation. Good behavior, solid decision making and strong awareness go a long way in averting pain. My years of climbing have taught me to trust that the experiences of my body relate effectively to the processes of my mind. 

Originally written on May 5, 2020.

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