Keeping up with the Konversations

Remote work is a struggle to stay focused. In my case: I have multiple Slack Workspaces, three meaningful email addresses, our google chat, phone calls, texts, social media. It’s not infrequent that I am maintaining upwards of 20 active conversations across platforms.

It can be really distracting and difficult to effectively follow & track each unique circumstance. A couple of tricks I have learned. 

  • First, block off deep work time and don’t touch that crap for at least 60 mins at a time. You get way more done. 
  • Get in there and manually adjust your notification settings on your phone & computer. Get rid of ANYTHING that doesn’t matter.
  • Leverage the shit out of do not disturb
  • If you can, respond to stuff instantly - get it the hell off your desk before you forget

It’s hard. I wish I was in person with these people. Faces are better than screens.

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