Lacking discipline

I have felt like my days have been disorganized lately. Productive, yes - but severely chaotic and challenging to stay focused with so many balls in the air. 

I learned a good term the other day from a mentor. Completed staff action. That is what I am trying to accomplish. Urgency is critical - despite the fact that we founders must create it for ourselves.

I have discussed, ad nauseam, that I am a man of streaks and habits. I like to challenge myself and keep track of my successes. New Years, despite the cliche, is always a good time to evaluate your strengths and weaknesses. It's coming up around the corner & feel like I can get a head start.

It’s a good opportunity to step up and expect more from ourselves and hold us accountable. I wonder if that’s why it became THE time to make long term changes. Because it’s the easiest time to count and track. 

My streaks are starting now. Getting a little head start on the ticker.

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