landing pages

Landing pages are far more important than I ever gave them credit for. We had never really thought about that process too much. Sure - the homepage was crucial. We have screwed around with that a number of times trying to optimize our front page. Making sure that people could dig as deep as they desired into rerouted co-op.

We learned that we can build landing pages that are focused at specific customer segments. I have mentioned focused strategic decision making as a key attribute for long term success. This is the first step towards greatly improving our messaging. And, identifying with more confidence which customers are attracted to different parts of our business.

The whole story is not going to inspire people into action. It is direct, specific, dialed storytelling that will significantly improve our Acquisition, Activation, Retention, Referral, Revenue. We are trying to dump a dump truck of water into an average funnel. We need to make sure that we are capitalizing on learning at every step.

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