life and business

life and business

Starting a business brings an expectation that you are prepared to sacrifice your personal life. She demands the blood sweat and tears of your every breath. I stopped writing about two weeks ago because my energy was needed to stabilize our situation. We have bought ourselves a couple months via a well timed job. 

Similarly to the rest of the world, COVID has shaken us up and forced us to reassess our strategy for the next 12 months. We are preparing to launch new systems that allow us to continue to provide an easy way for rerouted co-op to help humans buy, sell and donate used outdoor gear. 

Now is the time to go the distance. To commit 100% to the new future. The world we knew will not be exactly the same again. All we can do is work together to protect everyone. Design strategies that account for limited P2P contact. Build businesses that function in multiple capacities with maximum efficiency. 

We have this chance to eliminate so many wasteful expectations of society. Why have a meeting when a memo is better? Do we really need to commute so far every day? Can we repurpose massive office buildings to be more useful? 

Life has obviously been upended. Time to get back on the rails.

I will leave most of these questions unanswered. I plan to focus on making rerouted the best business it can be for the outdoor community. We will always be committed to promoting ethical and responsible ways to play outside.

Originally written on April 6, 2020

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