Lingering reminders

Lingering reminders

Days after a wicked climbing session, I can still feel the burn of the gobies on my hands. My elbow scabs keep opening up and bleeding thru my shirts. My muscles ache from the effort of wrestling a rock. 

Anyone who has pushed themselves to their physical limits recognizes the good pain of trying hard. It serves as a friendly reminder that you need to get stronger. That you did something you love. That your effort earned your scars. 

Running a business is the same way - mental exertion can be more powerful than physical effort. It’s much harder to heal the brain than it is the body. Entrepreneurship is all about suffering rejections without losing confidence. The scars will always be there, they may hurt when it rains - but the lasting pain demands us to get stronger. 

There is only one way to get better. And that’s to try really fucking hard. Over & over. Every day. Learn from the lingering pain. 

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