Mission From Gaia

Mission From Gaia

This is apparently a terrible allusion to the old Blues Brothers joke. I included much of this in the Rerouted Manifesto I am writing. They overcome (or dismiss) all opposition convinced they are on a mission from God. Divine inspiration fueled their wild journey. I feel the same way about our mission to revolutionize the used gear industry. 

Used gear is about sustainability. It’s about making positive consumption choices. It’s about using what we have before taking advantage of resources. Used gear can reduce the barrier to entry for so many people. It can severely impact that amount of goods being made.

There are too many massive advantages to ignore. We can sit back and wait. We are obligated to get up and do the work. I think you all know that we have been talking to thousands of people over the past couple years trying to figure out how to solve the problem with the used gear industry. 

It comes down to a super simple solution. Bring technology into the exchange, automate the systems and reduce the pain. Building a dual sided marketplace that is focused on used outdoor gear is a monstrous effort. 

I love and appreciate all the early adopters of Rerouted. We have seen spectacular growth over the past few weeks. It’s unbelievable. We have grown to 800+ user accounts and quickly closing in on 2000 social media followers. Thank you. It means the world. 

We want to keep improving everything that we offer. We want your feedback early & often! Go sign up for an account and tell us what you think. Businesses are better when they’re co-created. 

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