pedal to the metal

pedal to the metal

As I was writing this. I realized that I ‘explored’ a number of different spelling within this phrase. I’d like to do some live linguistic investigation and see if we can derive some other fun meanings. 

The original ‘pedal to the metal’ I have always loved to use. I am a high activation person, I move fast and I know that once I get going I am difficult to slow down. This term, directly relating to the gas pedal on a car, is a go to.

How about ‘petal to the metal’. When would you put a flower petal on metal? For art? This could indicate a dichotomy between organic material and manufactured material. Something at two opposite ends of the spectrum.

The phrase that intrigued me most was ‘pedal to the medal’. Chasing victory. Going for gold. I like this because it still follows along with a race. We use race to connote life’s journey often.

‘Petal to the medal’. This almost feels like stopping and smelling the roses. Take a break and slow down. I love the idea of rewarding something for patient awareness. 

Now - none of these distinctions would make sense verbally. That is why writing is so important. To discuss more complex ideas than we are able to in speech. 

Originally written on April 30, 2020.

Photo by Brina Blum on Unsplash

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