Pitches vs pitches

Pitches vs pitches

Not two years ago - I spent all my time climbing pitches. That’s what we call a rock climbing route. We climb a pitch. A multi pitch climb is a climb that is longer than 1 rope length. 100+ feet of climbing is usually what creates a 2+ pitch route. In order to climb the mountain - to climb any pitch - you need experience, education, practice and strength. You only get better the more time you spend on the wall.

This is similar to the pitches I am currently involved in. An investor pitch is similar. A gigantic amount of effort goes into making sure that you’re fully prepared. That you have the right gear (deck & materials), that you have the right mindset, that you are ready to fail and try again.

It’s pretty amazing how analogous this process is. There is a reason that my ‘ask for money’ slide in my deck is titled Climb the Mountain. My outdoor background plays a foundational role in my approach to business. They say to relate to your favorite things. Consider it done.

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