Project Management Tools

They are a dime a dozen. It is hard to follow and learn a new one. It is hard to start working on a project management software without buy-in for the process. I am not a natural manager. In fact, regular structured processes are something that I have always rebelled against.

Our team has dabbled with different strategies to start & finish projects. In order to generate the commitment & buy-in requires training, information, tools & consistency. That’s why I am leveraging two strategies to implement our Project Management Project. 

I found a handbook where a tenured project manager details decisive logic & rationale as he goes step by step through the process. This reference will allow me to enforce proven project management techniques. The other strategy is tried and true - Keep It Simple Stupid. No reason to bog everyone down with complexity in an already steep learning curve.

We’re getting mega efficient over here. Watch out - we’re coming.

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