question of balance

question of balance

Stay focused. Don’t get distracted. Hard work and concentration builds businesses. It’s about a commitment to the vision. Entrepreneurship, at its core, is problem solving. So - when we begin building traction, when we engage with the public, when we ask the right questions - we identify more problems.

I have made a habit of pitching problems to my friends, family and teams. Big ones, like what will we do with the countless skyscrapers who won’t have paying renters anymore (as we transition to a ‘work from home’ labor force? That’s a billion dollar question.

Small problems are important too. People who lose their stuff. Couldn’t we essentially produce small stickers with GPS tracking that links to a simple app. Never misplace your keys, phone, wallet, sunglasses - whatever you think are your most used, most critically important. 

Creating rerouted co-op has delivered far more problems than solutions. The used gear industry is riddled with monster issues to solve. Focus is important, and it’s easy to be single minded. It’s needed to evaluate the value of each problem. The cost of execution. 

Pick cautiously, write down every problem you can. You never know when the opportunity or idea to solve it will fall into your lap. We must keep those plates spinning, manage our time well and be aware of the limits of your resources.

Photo by Jeremy Thomas on Unsplash

Originally written on April 26, 2020.

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