Rerouted’s personality

Rerouted’s personality

It may be a bit strange that I see a unique personality in our brand. It’s based on my core principals from launch - however, there have been some minor shifts as a result of many influences. Every decision we make as a leadership team affects the brand. Rerouted’s personality permeates at every touch point with our users. 

I wonder what people think when they first see the name & logo. When they see our first ad. When they hear the value prop. When meeting strangers, or listening to people not on the team share Rerouted’s story - I have been proud of how effectively they are able to communicate the brand. I think the external story telling is an aspect of branding we got right. 

Now, we have work to do to sculpt the body (the user experience, the presentation) and the mind (the back end tech) to follow suit & Rerouted is in good shape

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