Share & bare it all

Being generous with your perspective goes such a long way. The build in public movement is a big one. People trust people - but, people have a hard time trusting companies.

There is so much misinformation floating around, so much more posturing & marketing than action. It’s hard to know which companies truly support the values they claim to share. That’s why the companies that are growing currently, have authentic leaders at their head. 

The fourth wall has been broken & this generation of consumers refuses to allow shadowy leadership to remain in the background. They want to know who the brand is and understand the logic behind the decisions.

Thus, our biggest advantage as startup founders, is to get out there. Build in public. Share your solution with the world. It’s the most authentic marketing we can muster. 

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  • Eric Renz-Whitmore

    Love the way you’re building in public – trying to do more that myself!

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