Shared Easter Candy

Shared Easter Candy

Giving generously has been a focus of mine lately. The term radical generosity really hits home with what I believe is the core essence of entrepreneurship. It’s the only way to overcome the overwhelming amount of disappointments and rejections. You have to know, with all your heart, that you are working toward something that’s more than yourself. We have to be thinking bigger than ourselves or else we struggle to find the creativity & motivation to move forwards. To do our best work.

This idea of going above and beyond, can be linked to a simple anecdote from my early childhood. I have two younger siblings. This story revolves around my sister (because my brother was still a baby). It was Easter Sunday. The eggs had been hidden and the candy was waiting. 

I was a 6 year old boy with too much energy and a love for candy. At first, I burst with full speed grabbing as much candy as I could. Filling my basket. As I made my first lap around the yard, I realized that I dusted Grace, she had no candy - and was beginning to get distressed that I was going to take everything. 

It was then that I realized the error of my way. This life isn’t about me. It’s about what we can do together. As a team, community or humanity. That one person getting all the candy was bad for me (unhealthy) and bad for Grace (depressing). There was only one solution, share. We could collaborate, each eat a reasonable amount of enjoyable candy and feel successful together.

Win together, or lose alone. Radical generosity is the key to achievement. We can do so much more when we aren’t keeping score and simply solving problems because it’s the right thing to do.

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