spare fries for my dog

spare fries for my dog

Probably one of the craziest fantasies that I have (no, it’s not that type of post) is about starting a rap crew. An outdoorsy, truth speaking musically inclined group of poets. 

A crew that delves into the dirtbag’s mind. Music that picks about the struggle chasing adrenaline, isolation and danger.

The title of this post is the future name of the group. One of those moments that sticks in your head and never leaves.

I remember this name’s invention like it was yesterday. I was in college - at our favorite burger joint. We didn’t have enough leftovers to share with my sweet Crag Dog. So I asked the cook for ‘spare fries for my dog’.

There is no particular logic as to why that name resonated with me. It just felt right. 

Originally written on April 12, 2020

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