speak of the devil

speak of the devil

The last blog I wrote was a few days ago writing about how hard it was to build momentum. It is. I just read that one of the most influential voices in my life, Seth Godin, writes a daily blog. He is the primary reason I started, and am learning to maintain, my own daily blog.

He has done it for 16 years. It’s so impressive. Knowing what I know about him - I doubt he has ever stumbled. I am sure he jumped ahead of the curve and built up a quality backlog of blogs so he is not required to physically sit and write one without fail. 

I have so much room to grow. I can do this so much better. I have big plans - and the biggest part of the big plan is to focus. To channel our energy and resources to find success. 

Originally written on April 14, 2020

Photo by Green Chameleon on Unsplash

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