Stacy’s Mom

Stacy’s Mom

Building out customer profiles is a super useful skill. It may feel a bit silly to create a caricature of your top customer demographics - but it’s a quirky, fun & useful way to evaluate the people you seek to help as an entrepreneur.

We set out on a mission to help people solve a problem. The best way to know a person is by learning their story. We get the opportunity to know the people we serve, personally & via they way they engage with us. It’s ideal to get the whole picture of these humans; but we have to start somewhere. In today’s society, we are so adverse to excluding anyone. As business owners, we must make evaluations & judgements - but be ready to shift our thinking with new information. 

Below, I discuss a specific user. While I am labeling this user with specific gender & broad behavioral assumptions, I am extremely comfortable saying that this user may be a male, they may be extremely career driven - there will always be exceptions. The question I am trying my best to answer is: Who is this human? 

In Rerouted’s case, our most engaged users are women that have recently started families. They are our hyper users that need to keep their kids outfitted for adventure without breaking the bank. They need a solution that’s fast - because young moms these days are too freaking busy to waste time. They care deeply about the environmental impact of their decisions and are always seeking easier ways to make more environmentally conscious decisions. They need the ability to buy & sell their families outdoor gear despite the chaos & demands of the household. They want to help make their friends and families lives easier (which is why we see them sharing & talking about us more frequently). They want to share cool new ideas with the people in their sphere. Their kids are in the 4-14 age bracket.

This is obviously a brief overview of how we are working through these user segments. We named the above Stacy’s Mom - because of the comedy. This character needs a name to be discussed clearly internally. This was a fun exercise & I encourage all of you to name the people you serve. But, remember, these are living documents. They must always change with new information and we must be flexible to realize these aren’t facts - just generalizations. 

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