Tidal waves

It’s wild how quickly things accelerate. We are really hitting stride thanks to the support of so many. These past 7 days have been wild. We couldn’t have planned it any better ourselves. Internally, the team is gelling & getting shit done. We hit 1000 users & are flying past it. Thank you so much for your support.

We released the beta version of our sellers application. Our content creation is hitting its stride. There are so many pieces coming together. This blog is named tidal waves because it feels like when you put in the hard work, when you deliver, when you show up, when you give all you got - sometimes the wave of goodness begins crashing over you. 

We were speaking about this internally, the term that came up was that the stars are coming into alignment to create this tidal wave. However, it’s much more correct to say that our hard work forced the stars into this alignment to cause our rush of good fortune.

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