Try hard

Try hard

This is the key ingredient. It’s something that has come up over and over again on this blog. That makes sense because it really is the only recurring theme in big success stories. True success comes because people earn it. They put in the hours to become an expert at what they do.

We have discussed the 10,000 hour to mastery concept before. That is the amount of time you need to dedicate to something before you become a master. Let’s assume that the average entrepreneur is using half their time every week on their project. 80 hours is a reasonable assumption for the founders of a company. 

At that trajectory it would still take 125 weeks to master your craft. That still takes two and a half years to achieve. It’s so funny, that moment just occurred for me this summer. Until this moment, I’d never considered that. Yet, as I consider more, I noticed the mental shift in how I approached everything. I found more discipline, more motivation, more inspiration as my confidence level continues to rise in my ability. 

If you work a regular job, averaging 40 hours a week, it would take you just short of 5 years to reach that same goal. #math. That difference is astounding. Think about how large that gap is. In a startup where every minute & dollar matters -> there’s a reason that experts are the ones that prevail. Try hard is the key ingredient to success because you master your solution before others can catch up.

Then you get to invent & create.

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