There is a reason we double, then triple check in the outdoors. Because despite doing something 100s, if not 1000s of times, we still can make the simplest errors. Sometimes these are complete user malfunctions.

Once in a blue moon, I tie my knot wrong at the crag. Maybe my dogs are barking at squirrels. Maybe the crew next to us is blasting distracting country pop. Maybe I am just worked from my last go. Regardless, if the knot’s not right, I’d be severely injured or dead as a result of this careless error. My partners & I need to be responsible for safety checks without fail because our systems aren’t perfect. 

In poker, every situation is a bit different. There is nuance & riskiness. The biggest variance is because of luck - this is a clear and transparent example. Do everything right - and lose. Do everything wrong - and win. 

Variance in business is an inevitability. We are imperfect actors. Sometimes the best marketing campaigns fall on deaf ears. And the worst ones go viral. You never know what will happen until you execute and put your best foot forward.

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