Vegan Whopper? Impossible!

Vegan Whopper? Impossible!

Alright, a topic I don’t touch on much is that I am a vegan. Weird, huh? The reason I am a vegan is because it makes my body feel better. I am obviously on board animal rights, doing good for the environment, saving money etc. However, I feel very strongly that people should be able to inform themselves and make decisions themselves.

I have never once put pressure on anyone to become vegan. I do enjoy cooking good vegan food for others to show other choices. Good food is good food. It doesn’t matter the ingredients. Boiled broccoli is gross, vegan or not. You have to cook good food no matter your diet. 

The reason for that tangent is that I wanted to explore the brilliance of the Impossible Whopper. It may not have worked as planned (too high priced, too unappealing, scary and unusual). But, they were trying to normalize it. I thought it was as good as any fast food burger that I remember. People seemed to like it, myself included. Would I go as far as to say it’s ‘good food’? Absolutely not. But, they just wanted to make it similar to the Beef Whopper. I’ve never tried them back to back - but I’d imagine science got us pretty close. 

When you’re on the road, in the middle of nowhere, vegan food is hard to locate. If the choice is between eating a side of beans and tortilla for 7 dollars vs an Impossible Whopper for the same price - it’s an easy choice.

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