Are generally considered to be bad things while coping mechanisms are the ‘productive counterpart’. I have tons of vices. Caffeine, nicotine, the NFL to shortlist a couple that jump to the forefront.

I think that all three of these habits are destructive. The caffeine isn’t really about the caffeine. It’s about the warm, comfort that comes and the placebo of me thinking I am going to feel better.

I don’t need to dig into how counterproductive nicotine is to my life and systems. I have been addicted since high school. It’s one hell of a drug and is hard to control the cravings. I crave stimulation and I have been trying to supplement my need for the ‘-ines’ with another similar, yet far more constructive, adrenaline. 

Exercise can take the bite off and not make me feel like garbage. In terms of the NFL, thank goodness the Vikings missed the playoffs. I needed that energy back to read. 

Find the positive things you gain from your vices and sometimes you can find a happy medium where you get the benefits without the negativity.

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