Week of moving

Week of moving

Wow. Moving is super challenging. It’s mentally and physically exhausting. Tag that into 30 hours of driving in the mountains and color me exhausted. Fortunately, the move is exclusively for the business. It’s about gaining capital & finding clusters for Rerouted. Every decision we make is geared towards the long term success of Rerouted. 

It was a sudden change in plan that caused this and it removed my ability to complete work related tasks. There are a lot of balls in the air. March has turned into a struggle fest.

Learning how to delegate will be the saving grace. Relying on the rest of my team is critically important. We are blessed to be building with a crew of passionate people. I am holding tight to the team because they are carrying the weight while we transition.

I am ecstatic to continue making choices. The first random customer submitted gear on our website last night. We have had a couple repeat customers this week. Things are growing fast. The biggest issue we face is the inventorying issue.

We are moving away from warehousing, yet, I still have 500 pieces of gear to move, catalogue and organize.

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