Whoopie! Week 2 done!

Whoopie! Week 2 done!

Update -

Last week was big. The team is gelling. It’s crucially important to maximize effort, efficiency & happiness.

There are so many balls being juggled to make this campaign launch happen. We have rallied behind the mission & vision. Over the past 7 days we have nailed down on many decisions. It only seems appropriate to write about all this on Monday because the week doesn’t quite end on Friday.

  1. We secured a spot on a podcast.
  2. We found a place to live to join the business accelerator.
  3. We chose a pricing model that is fair & competitive.
  4. We acquired more users across all platforms.
  5. Feedback solicited from a new cohort.
  6. Implementation of new tech went smoothly so far.
  7. Finalized products to push.
  8. Began drafting investor update.
  9. Worked on company culture manifesto

This is a short list of the work the rest of the team has done. I have found costarting interesting regarding this particular aspect. The results are all team results & my success is a product of their success. We have gone through so much together. I am already starting to plan a team trip on a wild journey to give us a break from the Zoom & the computers. 

On a tangential note - I am refining my skills as a Zoom master. Looking forward to posting a blog regarding my learnings moving forward.

Step back

Often, you have to look at situations with a larger lense. I know when I am in the thick of things - it’s hard to think clearly. You get stuck in the middle of everything and it can create chaos. 

Taking a couple moments (sometimes hours) to reflect and recover can offer so much creativity and energy long term. 

Extremely elevated-

That’s the comfortable pace that I can walk and work on my computer. It’s like a standing desk but extreme. An elevated meal is about taking food to the next level. I wonder what that could mean for our habits if we elevated our best ones.

I think about switching from a manual toothbrush to an automatic toothbrush. Talking about adding a mile and a bit of jogging to our daily walk. Remembering to do yoga poses throughout the day to breath and get the blood flowing.

Those minor jumps in effort or difficulty compound and can help you grow every day. The present and the future are equally important.

Reconnecting -

It has been a long year. I am wearing too many hats, juggling too many balls. I have been forced to prioritize my time and bandwidth in order to accomplish the most pressing goals.

I think I have mentioned in this blog before how strategy = sacrifice. It’s cool that you can dream of ten million ideas - what’s critical is what can you reasonably accomplish?? In order to reach goals, you need to sacrifice others.

I hate this idea. I just want to do everything that pops into my head. One of the things that has fallen off the grid is a number of contacts I didn’t have the capacity to engage with. Now that the team is rolling on much of the work, I can focus again on rebuilding my network and improving those bridged connections. 

Strictly scheduled

Why does consistency matter?

Framing your mindset is the most effective way to encourage productivity. Build the habits and train your brain to do what you want.

Same as training your body. Create those neural pathways and ‘muscle memory’. Example- the first task I take on in the mornings is my writing. When I wake up, my brain knows that it’s time to start writing. 


This is a common sports practice - to practice/train in the morning and then again in the afternoon. I feel like my work schedule encourages this philosophy. I wake up early. Put in a full work day, nap, and get another ‘day’ in. I can push myself to average 14 hours a day of work with a couple quick breaks.

It’s not sustainable - I couldn’t do this forever and I need days to recover. The best capital we have is the effort and energy we can input. 

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