Why reroute your old gear?

Why reroute your old gear?

The answer is fairly simple and straightforward. Because we give a damn about the outdoors. If you’re here, you know why this is so important. Less consumption, less waste, more people outdoors. The rhetoric isn’t as critical as taking action. Selling used gear on Rerouted is an easy way to clean out your garage, closet or attic while facilitating conservation, education & access to wilderness areas. 

There are other options… So why choose Rerouted? We are taking the logistics out of your hands. We are streamlining the process and automating every process possible. We are still in beta and love each and every one of you for being early adopters. Our technology is getting better every day because of your usage and feedback. We can’t wait to make this as painless as possible. 

You’re here because you believe that getting functional gear into the mountains helps to foster the next generation of wilderness advocates. That’s why we work with our charity partners to bring them passive income per your choosing. We like the mantra of a win-win-win.

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