We sold our house and lost track of everything else. It is going to be a high speed transition and my to-do list quintupled overnight. The big choices came to the forefront instantly. We have to make moves and consider the short term and long term plan in tandem.

What is going to be the best for all counts? What are the pros and cons of this choice? These questions have been racing around my mind for 24 hours. Predicting the future is obviously impossible. We can’t know what will happen. However, we can rationally approach these questions and make educated guesses. However, I admit that often these overwhelming important decisions can take precedence over the immediate.

Despite that we sold the house - it’s inexcusable that I broke my blog streak and forgot to post yesterday. My bad. I feel horrible about it because I worked so hard to back up my blog so that I had a cushion for these exact moments. It took five minutes and I blew it. Back on the tracks. Keep the momentum and try again.

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