raising risk-takers #1

raising risk-takers #1

by: lodie g

I was asked by my number one son this morning to write a blog post about what it is like being the mom of an adventurer. A risk-taker. Loaded question, for sure!

This guy had spirit; from the time he could walk. He literally  ran everywhere, walking seemed too dull for him. The first real signs that Chap craved excitement was his choice of athletic positions. He was the baseball catcher for one year until that became too boring. Moving on to soccer and lacrosse goalie. I used to say he just loved having things thrown at him! His Dad and I were always on the precipice of joy and despair when watching his games!

Parenting an adventurer is like that. High highs, and low lows. Nothing is done in an average manner.

He started climbing in college, the ultimate high. People ask, “Do you worry about him?” Of course I do. He promised nothing bad will happen to him. I believe him. I have to. I know it gives him joy to be out there, soaking up the glory of nature. I have no complaints.

Chap, his sister and younger brother are all wildly adventurous and independent. I sometimes feel sad that they have all chosen to move away to different parts of the country; but I must remind myself that we raised them to be this way. We never said “No, you aren’t capable of doing that.'' We said, “give it a try, if you fall, get back up again.” I feel extremely proud of these free spirits.

So, what’s it like parenting an adventurer? Terrifying, Challenging, Exciting, Satisfying, and Enchanting!

the whole grubb family - minus dad

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  • Kathy Hall

    What a wonderful history lesson of my future son-in-law!

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