why the rerouted co-op exists

the rerouted co-op

by: chap grubb

Wilderness sports changed my life forever. Climbing big rocks kept me sober and made me the human I am today. I built the rerouted co-op to ethically develop access to wilderness sports through community building and education.

I have been a climbing dirtbag for just over 10 years. It started at 19 when took off for Squamish, BC broke and unemployed. I ate peanut butter jelly's for breakfast, lunch and dinner while I learned how to trad climb. I painted houses to buy a 1981 Vanagon I named 'Grandma Chug' and lived on the road for a year on $5 a day.

I know what it means to work hard to buy more gear to play outside more often. I searched diligently for years before finding my prized broken in T.C. Pros at half price. I want my gear to do its and pay a reasonable amount for it. Period.

In the past, I only bought new gear. Even though I could barely afford it. I hated trusting the services available. Trading used gear trading is traditionally a sketchy proposition. You are either buying or selling gear with a complete stranger from the internet, some random organization or losing most of your check to a brick and mortar store.

I was also exhausted only talking to robots when I need any help with my online transactions. The rerouted co-op is committed to professional, efficient, human customer service. We promise you will never speak to a robot on the phone.

I realized - a trustworthy, reliable resource would make me feel comfortable trading used gear with people across the country.  Buying and selling used gear should be painless and easy. This realization inspired the rerouted co-op. 

I built the rerouted co-op with the minimal possible carbon footprint. The mgu was the foundation of the business because I believed fellow wilderness junkies would love to buy and sell gear after their day's adventure. I have created a model that allows the mgu to eliminate as much shipping costs (environmental and financial) by collecting and moving product internally when possible.

The rerouted co-op is still young. We need your help to build momentum. Every adventure athlete has either too much gear, or not enough gear. There is no perfect amount. Earn money, save money and play outside more.

I am serious about our customer service guarantee. My cell phone is 575-741-6153. Or, email me at chapgrubb@reroutedcoop.com. I am happy to just BS about our vision and answer any questions you have about the rerouted co-op.