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We are working hard to launch all aspects of the business and are actively working on building official partnerships with charities. Obviously, we are bias to our Northern New Mexico headquarters. We are grateful to all organizations that benefit our wilderness. Please reach out if you volunteer or work for an organization that encourages people to play outside safely and ethically. We want to support you.

New Mexico Wilderness Alliance- 

New Mexico Wilderness Alliance logo

Alburqurque, New Mexico

"The New Mexico Wilderness Alliance or NMWild is a nonprofit grassroots organization dedicated to the protection, restoration, and continued enjoyment of New Mexico’s wildlands and wilderness areas. We work to protect lands forever through administrative protection, federal wilderness designation, and ongoing stewardship.  We work with many diverse groups, including ranchers, sportsmen, land grants, acequia communities, tribal and religious leaders, scientists, youth, and community leaders. We are excited to be partnering with rerouted co-op and their awesome mission. We are so grateful for their support of our work but also their support of so many other great organizations.  Working with rerouted co-op is a win for everyone creating convenience to the daunting world of outdoor gear while supporting wilderness organizations who are out here making a difference. Thank you for your work and mission! Keep it wild!"
The New Mexico Wilderness Alliance is a great example of the nonprofit work the rerouted co-op wants to support. As the world's human population grows and we spread out, it is key that our environment and wilderness is protected. Our two missions complement one another and we are proud to be working side by side with a grassroots nonprofit that is just as dedicated as we are to making a difference. The fact that NMWild is based out of our home state is a great bonus for us. We need to make sure that we are taking care of what is around us first before we can expand further out. NMWild is committed to making significant change in the state of NM. We hope to spread this same commitment. 

Adaptive Sports Program New Mexico-

Adaptive Sports Program New Mexico logo

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Since 1985, the Adaptive Sports Program New Mexico has enhanced the lives of children and adults with disabilities through recreation.  With year-round programs in adaptive skiing, snowboarding, kayaking, rafting, rock climbing, and much more, ASPNM strives to enable program participants to stay active and healthy, build self-confidence and independence, and enjoy the New Mexico outdoors.
ASPNM ensures that wilderness sports can be enjoyed by everyone responsibly. It is important to the rerouted co-op that community involvement is at the forefront of what we do. In order to make a difference, ASPNM has incorporated community in a beautiful way. They have established support from many channels to make their goals come true. Success is helped by having the support of people around you and by creating a culture. They prioritize year round activities and education making adventure sports more accessible for all. The rerouted co-op is honored to work with ASPNM as they make people and wilderness their priority.

The High Mountain Institute-

High Mountain Institute Logo

Leadville, Colorado

The High Mountain Institute (HMI), a place where nature and minds meet, is a school in Leadville, Colorado. Our programming focuses on community living, wilderness experiences, leadership training, and rigorous academics. Students can come to HMI for a semester in high school, a summer, or a gap semester. HMI is a place where people grow to be their best selves, and learn to live with intention and connection to the natural world. Students leave HMI feeling empowered as leaders in their communities, and confident in their own abilities to make positive change. 
The next generation is one of the most important assets that the world has to create change for the future of our planet. HMI has created an environment where students learn how to make a difference in an uncertain world. They teach leadership, ethics, confidence, etc. - all of the qualities needed inorder to facilitate positive change. It is the exact type of applicable and necessary education the rerouted co-op wants to promote. We would like to see more of this style of education instilled in our youth. We are proud to help support the next generation in their quest to create a better future. 
Rocky Mountain Youth Corps.-
Rocky Mountain Youth Corps offers paid community service opportunities to youth and young adults in a variety of conservation-based projects working in partnership with federal, state, tribal and local land management agencies. Projects may include a combination of trails construction, erosion control, invasive species control, forest restoration, and fire prevention activities. Throughout their service at RMYC, Corpsmembers receive on-the-job training and other personal and professional development opportunities. RMYC's mission is to be a stepping stone to new opportunities.  We inspire young adults to make a positive difference in themselves and their communities. Thorough training and service, Corpsmember discover their potential for healthy, productive lives.
The protection and conservation of our lands is crucial to the future of this country, and ultimately the world. Rocky Mountain Youth Corps. has made these fundamental ideals part of their mission, along with educating our youth on how to maintain them. The rerouted co-op is dedicated to serving the RMYC, and their mission to make a difference here in New Mexico. Their program is an inspiration, and one that has the potential to make a lasting difference. 

Access Fund-

Access Fund logo 

Boulder, Colorado

We are a community of climbing advocates who love our climbing landscapes and the experiences they offer—and we are willing and committed to fight for them. Not just for access, but for the integrity of these amazing places. We focus on six core programs to support our mission on national and local levels. 1) climbing policy and advocacy. 2) stewardship and conservation. 3) local support and mobilization. 4) land acquisition and protection. 5) risk management and landowner support 5) and education. Access Fund is a certified land trust, and advocates for climbers at the local and national levels and maintains active Memorandums of Understanding with the National Park Service, US Forest Service, and Bureau of Land Management. 
The rerouted co-op was founded by a climber, so the Access Fund’s project resonates with us strongly. We have seen first hand what can happen to our climbing areas if we are not acting as stewards and conservationists. The Access Fund's mission to advocate and protect climbing areas around this country is fundamental to the progress of sustainability. Climbing is certainly the quickest growing and most easily accessible adventure sport. The increase in participation demands that we educate and inform people from the beginning. We see the necessity of the Access Fund’s mission and hope to inspire other outdoor wilderness adventure groups to follow in their footsteps as leaders in environmental protection change. 

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The American Alpine Club- 
Big City Mountaineers- 
Climbers Without Borders-
Taos Search & Rescue- 
Denver Zoo-