Girls Gone Wide - Offwidth Rock Climbing in Vedauwoo Wyoming

This is the story of three women putting their bodies on the line for the sport they love. The sharp rocks of Vedauwoo, Wyoming aren't forgiving and that's before you even start to account for the normal pains of offwidth climbing. You get to see how tough these rock climbers are when they finish climbs breathless covered with bruises and scrapes. Watch out Wide Boyz! There's a new crew in town and they're not taking prisoners.

What is Offwidth Climbing?

Offwidth climbing is defined by the fact that the climb doesn't match normal body sizes. Offwidth cracks are larger than your fist, but small enough that you can't fit your entire body inside. You won't find normal hand and finger cracks on most offwidth climbs. Instead, climbers have to resort to offwidth techniques like double stacking hands, chicken wings, shoving hips and shoulders into chimneys and generally inching up the rock by trying to fit whatever weird assortment of body parts will let you cling to the rock. 


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