Used outdoor gear can be hard to value. We acknowledge the intimacy that develops between an adventurer and their tools. Rerouted intends to be the arbitrator that decides a fair, equitable price that leaves both sellers and buyers feeling like they received full value. We know It isn't a perfect science by any means, but we want to share our strategy so you can see the inner workings of our outdoor gear pricing logic.

Retail price is the starting point. If you remember it, great. We have strong expertise in the industry and know most prices instinctively. If we don’t know immediately, Google exists for a reason. Next, we ask “how old is this gear?” Age is crucial because technology and performance capabilities for outdoor equipment and clothing have certainly increased as time progresses.

Quality and condition are where pricing used outdoor gear gets subjective. We pay attention to all the different use and wear marks. Is there any damage? Our goal is to discover what is different about this product since it was originally bought.
We imagine we are the people buying the gear. This allows us to guarantee your used outdoor gear purchases will be exactly what you expected! We certainly consider rarity or novelty as key to pricing incoming gear. This information helps us to fairly value your used gear.