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Operation: Reroute It

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Welcome to The landing page for Operation: Reroute It. A crowdfunding campaign presented by rerouted co-op. Thank you for being here to help us build the future of used adventure gear. We are asking for your help to build the inventory of used gear that we dream everyone deserves

Until midnight on March 31 st – rerouted co-op is selling store credit as cheap as we can. Plus, we will be doing shoutouts and giving out rewards, swag and surprises. Spend less money, get more gear.

Below is the creation story of rerouted co-op. Gear up for good. Reduce it, reuse it, reroute it.

Building this business is the most rewarding, exciting and unpredictable adventure I have ever embarked on. And one question launched everything.

Why is it so hard to buy, sell and donate used adventure gear? The answer is below!

Chapter 1: The Intro

“In wildness is the preservation of the world” - Thoreau

My name is Chap Grubb. I created the rerouted co-op and I am going to tell you the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Our website and business launched in April of 2019 with the idea that people need a painless way to buy and sell used. I thought it would be a fun excuse to Vanventure with my fiancé and three dogs, slinging gear. We’d travel, play outside and hopefully get folks hooked up with rad used gear (while making enough money to eat).

Chap and Sam

This plan spawned because I, Chap Grubb, am a dirtbag rock climber who loves living on the road and being at the crag. My sanity is maintained by my ability to play in the fresh air. That’s why I moved to Taos, NM. To close the gap between me and my passions. My that I always wanted to facilitate access and education to wilderness sports. People deserved the same opportunities I had.

I founded the rerouted co-op because I had issues buying, selling and donating used gear.

Chapter 2: The Problem

“A civilization which destroys what little remains of the wild, the spare, the original, is cutting itself off from its origins and betraying the principle of civilization itself.” – Abbey

In the beginning, rerouted co-op was designed to solve problems I had while trying to buy, sell and donate used gear. There was a strong desire to buy used because I believed so strongly that new gear does not make a better athlete. I wanted to step up and protect Mother Nature. My guilt consuming new products and wasting the old was a call to action.

Buying used gear required getting lucky

You see, I had built up quite the gear collection after 10 years of investing my hard-earned cash in outdoor equipment. I always preferred to buy used – yet, it was always such a chore seeking out the used gear I wanted to buy, when I needed it. I felt guilty buying new gear but there was no recourse. I wanted to explore and I needed the right supplies. Buying new was often my only choice, especially when my need was urgent. Despite my desire to buy used, there were tremendous restrictions on the gear I could find. Traditional used gear stores and exchanges are limited by shelf space, proximity and timing.

I refused to summon luck to find what I needed. Whenever I did buy used, it’s because the planets were in exactly the proper alignment. And I never planned on it. It took me three years of searching used gear online, and in person, before I found my used, size 10 TC Pros (best trad climbing shoe ever) despite there being thousands of that exact shoe buried in people’s closets.

Adventurers should be able to buy anything they want used. There is no shortage of used gear. Rerouted co-op provides an easy way to make eco conscious, environmentally friendly consumption decisions. The Outdoor Industry Association states that Americans spend 887 billion dollars a year playing outside. Hundreds of billions of dollars of essentially new, functional gear is buried in storage – no joke. We promise to fix that.

Selling gear was a pain in the butt

Have you ever tried to sell more than a few pieces of gear on the internet? You remember how much fun you had meeting strangers in gas station parking lots? Hoping not to get robbed is always a blast and I thoroughly enjoyed wasting my time for $1/hour.

Used Gear

I had bills to pay and I didn’t have the time to waste selling off 50 pieces of gear on the internet. I knew there had to be a better way – one that was painless for the seller. Something that required zero effort expenditure while guaranteeing value for me.

I started searching. Despite there being countless person to person gear exchanges, there was no company that handled every aspect of the exchange. There was no easy way to clean out my garage and get that gear to a new home. Throwing everything into a dumpster would get it out of my hair – but, that solution doesn’t benefit anyone, especially not our planet. Ultimately, trying to sell my gear felt like riding the struggle bus.

Donating gear felt too wasteful

I thought, ‘I will just donate the equipment.’

But this bin is honestly worth 20 bucks. Maybe. There are local organizations that are willing to accept my gear donations. But, will the volunteers that work there be qualified to help find that gear a new owner? Do they know how to fit ski boots? Size your backpack? Gear for outdoor adventurers is specific and specialized. All gear should be purchased via expert knowledge (your own or someone else’s). We wanted to help people buy used gear with more information.

I am not sure that is in their job descriptions. In Taos, our local donation hub leaves all their outdoor equipment in the outdoors. Now, I see why they may believe that to be okay, this gear is meant to be outside so we can store it there. Yet, would it be more practical to sell skis that weren’t destroyed by inclement weather? Gear deserves TLC.

The point of this is…

The problem is apparent. Despite my desire to keep the cycle of gear flowing, I faced tremendous adversity in execution. I discovered how terribly difficult it was to manage buying, selling and donating gear. Especially if you have a job, or you know, any kind of life.

Chapter 3: The Team

“The idea of wilderness needs no defense, it only needs defenders.” - Edward Abbey

Chap Headshot

Chap Grubb

Houston – we have a problem. This was going to be a massive project. I understood immediately this wasn’t a solo job. This was way too massive an issue to address as one man. So, I assembled a team. We didn’t have any money to spend. Not really. I knew that I was going to have to ask for help. To get people as excited as I was.

Samantha Headshot

Samantha Brown

I knew this would begin as a family operation. Samantha, my beautiful fiancé, immediately onboarded the project. Offering me a support staff to help me manage the overwhelming scope of work we were taking on. Samantha is passionate and dedicated to ensuring that everything is done. Her skill set is mandatory critical to our execution. Hand in hand we began to lay the bricks for rerouted co-op.

Carter Headshot

Carter Haun

The realization dawned on me that my website would not only be the most crucially important component– but arguably the most complex. We needed to navigate uncharted territory. There was so much custom coding needed that I knew I was the wrong person for the job. I started calling my friends. We definitely did not have the kind of dough that you’re asked to cough up to build a website. And that’s when Carter Haun – our tech wizard stepped up to the plate. He saw the same potential I did. He took over the website, freeing my time to grow the business.

Alanna Headshot

Alanna Sadeghian

Lastly, we needed a marketing guru. Someone who understood how to spread the word about what’s important. A master of creating gorgeous designs and engaging the masses. I reached out to a friend who I knew fit the profile. Alanna Sadeghian and her consulting company Aarrow Marketing have been on call since day one.

Our friends and family have all contributed immense amounts of their time, energy and money. They are all part of the team. We have had loyal supporters since rerouted co-op launched. We would not have made it without the love, affection and commitment from our believers. Thank you for everything. Special shoutout to George Grubb and Mackenna Roybal for their massive help during our launch phase.

We all knew there was more used gear than anyone knew what to do with. The four of us figured it out. I knew someone needed to step up and organize a new platform from scratch. Samantha knew how to ensure that everything was executed smoothly. Carter knew how to code and digitize a website catered to the outdoor enthusiast. Alanna could pack everything together into a gorgeous package and show the world.

We started talking to people. We asked our network to go to events. We asked everyone for their old gear. We built a website. What started as a small two-person company had suddenly grown to an amazing team, large inventory and small loyal following.

We were invited to Outdoor Retailer and all of a sudden, we were chatting with massive charities! We were invited to events all across the country! This idea had a much bigger potential than I ever truly imagined. The momentum grew rapidly. We were in demand. The rerouted co-op was my vessel to make a positive impact in the community I loved.

Our team could actually do something to make a positive impact. Our ability to recycle gear and give back to charity meant that we had a means to leave this planet better than when we got here. Changing behavior is hard. It’s tempting to upgrade the newest technology and store the old one away. Stop doing that with your outdoor gear!

Chapter 4: The Vision

“Doing well is the result of doing good. That's what capitalism is all about.” - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Our vision – to create a sustainable, used gear exchange that is affordable and accessible nationwide - is the only thing that has remained steadfast between where this project began and where we our company is now. Gear shouldn’t get buried in a garage or end up in a landfill somewhere. Gear needs a loving home and fresh air. Wasting perfectly usable gear is a ridiculous way to hurt our planet.

Chap ClimbingOur focus is on guaranteeing that the next generation of wilderness advocates is created. I am not talking about only young people. I am talking about starting a movement to buy fewer new things. We have an obligation to purchase responsibly.

Buy any piece of equipment you want – and buy it used. We want so much gear that you never have to shop elsewhere. Our desire for unlimited selection is what will allow you to buy the used gear you want. When you want it. No more searching for the magic fit for hours on end. What you need – guaranteed.

We have so far to go before we achieve our goals for the used gear industry. That is why we are asking for your help. We have the vision and inspiration. When I sleep at night: I dream of completing our goal to make an online, user-friendly gear store that has an infinite used gear inventory. We want everyone to effortlessly buy, sell and donate used adventure gear.

Buy any piece of equipment you want – and buy it used. We want to acquire so much gear in our inventory that you never have to shop elsewhere. Our desire for unlimited selection is what will allow you to buy the used gear you want; when you want it. No more searching for the magic fit for hours on end. What you need – guaranteed.

Sometimes – the gear just isn’t worth the money for you to put in the energy. Donating this equipment is certainly the logical solution. But it can definitely be hard to find the motivation to clean out the garage. That’s why we donate 50% of sale to the nonprofit partner of your choosing. Cleaning out your garage now earns your favorite charities cash.

Rerouted co-op designed a personalized gear filtration system on our website that makes finding gear that fits, that you may want or need, impossibly easy. Edit your sizes and our website does the hard work for you. Search no more – shop used in a place made just for you.

Selling gear shouldn’t involve strangers. It shouldn’t be risky. It shouldn’t be time consuming and labor intensive. Everyone should feel comfortable giving their gear second life, finding a new owner who will love the gear you loved. Nothing should be wasted because it was too difficult. Need more incentive besides just the cash? That’s why we give 5% back to the charity of your choice via our partners.

Sometimes – the gear just isn’t worth the money for you to put in the energy. Donating this equipment is the logical solution. But it can be hard to find the motivation to clean out the garage. That’s why we donate 50% of sales to the nonprofit partner of your choosing. Cleaning out your garage now earns your favorite charities cash.

Gear is infinitely valuable. There are many people that would rather go skiing than worry about how old their skis are. They don’t care what it looks like, or who used it before. They want to be able to explore on a budget. Try something new without breaking the bank. Protect our resources and take a small step towards preventing climate catastrophe.

Chapter 5: Our Promise

The rerouted co-op promises to save gear from collecting dust or being thrown in a landfill. We promise to always offer fair value to gear sellers and donors. We are committed to promoting and supporting wilderness sustainability, access and education non-profits to the best of our ability.

We will always give as much as we can back to local organizations who improve their community’s wilderness. In order to do this – rerouted co-op pledges 5% of all revenue back to one of our charity partners. When you donate gear to us, rerouted co-op pledges 50% of that sale to your preferred charity! We knew what problem we would solve.

Chapter 6: The Magoo (Mobile Gear Unit)

"It is the long history of humankind (and animal kind, too) that those who learned to collaborate and improvise most effectively have prevailed." – Charles Darwin

The solution to the used gear trade was our Mobile Gear Unit. The Magoo allows us to bring used gear anywhere people wanted it. We go to festivals, breweries, concerts, zoos. The possibilities are endless.

The Magoo makes your life easier. No more going out of your way to sell or donate gear. Oh, we were already going to that Craggin’ Classic. We could take our 100 pairs of old skis to closing weekend at Ski Santa Fe. We want to go listen to music and chat with charities at a local brewery, let’s take our gear and go check it out.

Gear MeetupWe wanted to remove shipping from the process. Shipping is a problem. Deliver and receive the gear in an epic setting while supporting charities. In order for rerouted co-op to reduce shipping costs both financially (which we already pay for) and eliminate the effort on your end - we need to acquire more Magoos, more staff, more reach. Our direct to consumer approach reduces all packaging waste and shipping waste.

This is a community-based effort. Not just your local community. I dreamed rerouted co-op would promote local action while providing a necessary service. This project works better the more people are involved.

We have established relationships with businesses, organizations and customers all over the country. Sam and I (separately) spent 3 months on the road last year. I went to the East Coast and Sam went to the West Coast. We sold and collected gear in Washington, Oregon, California, New Mexico, and Colorado, New Hampshire, West Virginia and Arizona. We have sold gear internationally. This is the chance of a lifetime to do something that will leave a positive impact on Mother Earth!

Chapter 7: The Campaign

“Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society.” – Mark Twain

This brings me to Operation: Reroute It. A crowdfunding campaign to grow rerouted co-op. To make it possible to promote a healthy sharing economy when it comes to used gear. We need your help.

Operation: Reroute It is the way for you to help us kick start the future of used adventure gear. Buy store credit at a discount to spend on gear now or later. Contributing now earns you shoutouts and swag. Like any good crowdfunding campaign, we have ample milestone markers to hit.

Inventory Aquisition

We designed a better way to buy and sell used gear. Less work for you, better for the planet. We know how to do it. We have done 190 sales year one. We have acquired approximately $30,000 in inventory. We have 40 cumulative five-star reviews on Facebook and Google. We have gained the support of 20 charitable partners. We are ready to build the dream used gear inventory. We have traveled back and forth across the country.

Our goal for Operation: Reroute It. is to hit $50,000. This will enable us to add approximately $100,000 of inventory to our website and warehouse. A secondary part of this campaign is spreading the word. How much gear do your friends have? How much do you have? Quit wasting time. Tell them to send it our way! Seriously, we pay for shipping and will buy and accept your used gear.

Chapter 8: The Future

“Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results”. - Andrew Carnegie, business magnate and philanthropist

This chapter has yet to be written. We have the vision. We have the plan. We need you all to spread the word. Tell your friends. Share our story. Buy, sell or donate gear in person or do it online any time. Please – this is truly a community-based effort. We can’t go and make the gear – all we can do is make it easy and fun for you to get it to us.

This is really important everyone. We designed rerouted co-op to bring people together who wanted to play outside and make the most eco-conscious decisions possible. A community of people who are interested in helping us create a flow of used gear. To inspire more people to play outside. To give all the opportunity to take that gear out.

This is what we need to do. Teach and encourage people to go outside. Show them how to play morally and ethically – with a Never Leave A Trace mentality. We need to set the example. Quit hoarding gear you never use. Stop buying a shiny new snow jacket every year. We want to make it easier for everyone to make better choices.

I hope you all see the need and the potential of rerouted co-op. My team and I are over the moon to have this opportunity to deliver our services in a meaningful way. There are many ways that you can support us. You can sign up for free. You can talk about us. You can sell gear to make money if you need to. You can donate gear. If you REALLY liked my pitch – I am selling 1% of rerouted co-op for $100,000. Contact me directly at

Thank you so much for participating. We couldn’t do this without you!

Other Ways To Participate

In addition to contributing, when you create an account you immediately get 10 percent off and you can use our referral program to earn points that you can spend anywhere at rerouted! Referrals are one of the best ways for us to get out there and grow our community so for a limited time if you refer a friend and they participate in our fundraising program you get 1000 points ($10)! You can do this as many times as you want with no cost to you at all! Even if your friends don't want to spend anything either you can still be rewarded 100 points ($1) if they "buy" the free tier!  

To participate in referrals, just go to your account page and click on the button that says rewards and referrals. From there you can share your referral code, see how many people you have referred and spend your points on actual store credit!

Another awesome thing you can do is sell or donate your old gear to us! If you don't have enough money to donate why not make some money by selling all that old stuff you don't use anymore! It will help us expand our inventory so everyone can enjoy it and it will help you expand your bank account! (or give back to charity)

Our Campaign Milestones

We have a few cool ideas for some things we can do for everyone once we reach certain goals!

In addition to everything below, at every $10k we will donate $500 to a charity chosen by our contributors!

At $10,000

Everyone who has helped us reach our first 10k milestone gets a free shirt! Thats right, if you get in early and help us at the beginning we will be doing a limited run of rerouted shirts with the design being submitted and chosen by contributors!

At $25,000

We're going to be having a big campout in the mountains! We want everyone who is involved to be able to meet up and hang out, so if we reach 25k we can finance a huge awesome camput in the Tres Piedras mountains!

At $40,000

We will have just enough means to host an event in the city that has the largest number of votes! Maybe it'll be at a climbing gym or maybe a park but one thing is for sure there will be free beer! This should be a huge party and we really hope we can make it to this level!

At $50,000

We will be giving away a vacation in Taos NM! If you contribute $100 or more and we reach our final goal of 50k you will be enetered to win an all expenses paid vacation at Ojo Caliente Hot Springs in Taos! Our headquarters are right here too so if you want to hang out with us you can, or you can just relax all weekend for free!

Campaign Milestones

Free Contribution

There are plenty of ways to support us without spending a single dollar! click on free contribution to find out how to help without breaking the bank!

Pay $10 get $12

$12 in store credit available immediately, sticker, magnet and a shout out!

Pay $25 get $30

$30 in store credit available immediately, chapstick, sticker, magnet, your name permanently written on the door of our mobile gear unit and a shout out!

Pay $50 get $60

$60 in store credit available immediately, rerouted co-op mug, chapstick, sticker, magnet, your name permanently written on the door of our mobile gear unit and a shout out!

Pay $100 get $120

$120 in store credit available immediately, rerouted co-op hat, rerouted co-op mug, chapstick, sticker, magnet, a permanent 8.5" x 11" custom spot on the side of the mobile gear unit and a shout out!

Pay $250 get $300

$300 in store credit available immediately, A custom gear wishlist where you can pick what you want to see in our store before everyone else, a permanent 8.5" x 11" custom spot on the side of the mobile gear unit! Everything included in the previous tiers!

Pay $500 get $600

$600 in store credit available immediately, 3 personal yoga lessons from co-founder Samantha! Everything included in the previous tiers! (Limited to 25)

Pay $1000 get $1200

$1200 in store credit available immediately, Rerouted founder Chap Grubb will come to wherever you are and spend a day doing whatever you want (U.S. only)! Everything included in the previous tiers! (Limited to 15)

Pay $2500 get $3000

$3000 in store credit available immediately, Chap, Samantha and all the dogs will come to you to spend a weekend adventuring and doing cool stuff (U.S. only)! Everything included in the previous tiers! (Limited to 5)