our evaluation system for gear

the formula

Used gear can be hard to value. That is because there are so many emotional factors that impact buyers and sellers when it comes to used wilderness gear. We acknowledge the intimacy that develops between an adventurer and their tools. The rerouted co-op intends to be the arbitrator that decides a fair, equitable price that leaves both consignors and buyers feeling like they received full value.

The techs at the rerouted co-op have developed a first step estimation formula for the gear we consign.  We know It isn't a perfect science by any means, but we decided to share our strategy so you can understand how we start the process. 

We do not decide the final list price until we have been able to touch and try out your gear, but this is a good place to start if you want to know how much money you could make for yourself or for the charity of your choosing. Below is how to decide the numbers you can plug into our ball park resale estimator.

retail price

This is the starting point. If you remember it, great. Otherwise, google the year, make and model of your product and make your best guess.

age of gear

You should know this number. Perfection in this matter is irrelevant, we just need the year. Age is crucial, because technology and performance capabilities have certainly increased as time progresses. If the gear is 10 years old we analyze it's value differently. Older gear requires much more finesse and attention to detail to accurately price. 

quality evaluation

Now, this starts to get slightly more difficult. The quality and condition discussion is where it starts to get more subjective. Pay attention to all the different use and wear marks. Is there damage? What is different about this product since it was originally bought. Try to consider what would be important to you if you were the buyer. Rate your gear on the 1-25 scale. 1 is your climbing shoes that you currently use as sandals. 25 means a brand new jacket with the tag still on it.


We certainly consider gear that stands out because of its condition, rarity or novelty as more valuable. These are special cases and require careful attention. We consider this on a case by case basis. Just start a conversation and we will get you the most value possible.

the puzzle pieced together

We will remind you, this is only an estimate for your sake based on how we make our estimates. This information helps us to fairly value your used gear. The point is to leave our consignors and buyers (and charity partners) feeling like winners.

We use this information to estimate the value of your gear before we even see it. We always reevaluate all of our gear once we are in possession to protect our buyers from overpaying for products. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions.