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Denver, CO

Many children in Denver never get the opportunity to get into the mountains that are our city’s majestic backdrop. They see them only from a distance and through the filter of an urban lens. How, they may wonder, does one whose world is concrete, traffic lights and constant noise explore those towering mastiffs of rock and land?

In our increasingly tech-driven urban life, many are losing touch with the natural world and thus losing the ability to love and protect such vital places. Children are missing the opportunity to explore the world beyond our city streets, Project Send It aims to change that by introducing children to rock climbing.

Project Send It's mission is to have the local climbing community introduce children from low-income families to adventures of the natural world and the lessons learned through rock climbing. Project Send It provides opportunities to build confidence, problem solve, be physically active, and interact with like-minded peers. All of these are skills that will carry over into the participants’ day-to-day lives, helping to serve the climber’s life and also their world at large.