Rerouted's Partners

Morrison Outdoors - 

One of our biggest supporters since the early days, Morrison Outdoors makes sleeping bags for little kiddos (ages 6 months - 4 years) They realized that kids grow out of their gear quickly, but there wasn’t an easy way to get value for these lightly-used sleeping bags. It was a match made in heaven.

Rethreads -

This is the first used gear store that we have brought on to our platform! They are looking forward to working with us moving forward so we can help them sell tons of used gear. Check out their collection today!

Christys Sports - 

The Northern New Mexico Christy Sports chapters have been amazingly supportive. We are so grateful for the contributions they have made to help us support Adaptive Sports Program NM.

Tumbleroots Brewery and Distillery - 

We have had the pleasure of working on multiple Beer For Gear events with Tumbleroots. They have welcomed us into the community and supported our vision immensely.