Rocky Mountain Youth Corps.

Taos, New Mexico 

Rocky Mountain Youth Corps offers paid community service opportunities to youth and young adults in a variety of conservation-based projects working in partnership with federal, state, tribal and local land management agencies. Projects may include a combination of trails construction, erosion control, invasive species control, forest restoration, and fire prevention activities. Throughout their service at RMYC, Corpsmembers receive on-the-job training and other personal and professional development opportunities. RMYC's mission is to be a stepping stone to new opportunities.  We inspire young adults to make a positive difference in themselves and their communities. Thorough training and service, Corpsmember discover their potential for healthy, productive lives.
The protection and conservation of our lands is crucial to the future of this country, and ultimately the world. Rocky Mountain Youth Corps. has made these fundamental ideals part of their mission, along with educating our youth on how to maintain them. The rerouted co-op is dedicated to serving the RMYC, and their mission to make a difference here in New Mexico. Their program is an inspiration, and one that has the potential to make a lasting difference. 
- From RMYC-NM website.