The Hard Way Home Collab

The Hard Way Home x Rerouted Collab

We are doing an awesome collaboration with some amazing people who are rowing a small boat all the way across the northern Atlantic, This is an amazing journey and we are so stoked to get to be a part of it!

Rae, Ryen & Chris are all baller human beings. We feel blessed to have met them a year ago. Chris & I were able to link up via Basecamp. It’s an online forum for outdoor industry professionals. We started to follow his story and had him on Repod-It. His episode was amazing. We had a blast talking with Chris about his adventures up in Alaska as a guide. Those mountains are unforgiving & Chris is a badass for taking them on every season.

That leads us to how we met Rae & Ryen. Chris called us to tell us about an absolutely unbelievable adventure that the three of them were going to go on. They planned to row a boat from NYC to Ireland. This is an unbelievable journey. The three of them will alternate 2 hour shifts for 2-3 months straight in order to achieve their goal. This is pure insanity. We are lucky enough to sponsor these lunatics.

The doc below sums up what they are doing on this amazing journey, read it or just click below to go to their site for even more awesome stories and info!

Follow along with their journey here!