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Leadville, Colorado

The High Mountain Institute (HMI), a place where nature and minds meet, is a school in Leadville, Colorado. Our programming focuses on community living, wilderness experiences, leadership training, and rigorous academics. Students can come to HMI for a semester in high school, a summer, or a gap semester. HMI is a place where people grow to be their best selves, and learn to live with intention and connection to the natural world. Students leave HMI feeling empowered as leaders in their communities, and confident in their own abilities to make positive change. 
The next generation is one of the most important assets that the world has to create change for the future of our planet. HMI has created an environment where students learn how to make a difference in an uncertain world. They teach leadership, ethics, confidence, etc. - all of the qualities needed in order to facilitate positive change. It is the exact type of applicable and necessary education the rerouted co-op wants to promote. We would like to see more of this style of education instilled in our youth. We are proud to help support the next generation in their quest to create a better future. 
- From HMI's website.