Re-pod It! Rerouted's Weekly Podcast

Repod-it! Episode 6: 6-22-2020

During our first Gear Feature, Chap talks about learning how to trad climb, and a particular climbing nut that holds a special place in his heart. We also get a sneak peek into his home life, sharing how he met his dog, Crag.


Repod-it! Episode 5: 6-8-2020

Brian and Chap talk about some new members of the Rerouted team. Then we learn a little bit more about Brian’s outdoor background, and some of the new media and entertainment related projects that we will be working on in the future!


Repod-it! Episode 4: 5-26-2020

We have officially changed our name to Repod-It! Join Chap and Brian during their inaugural episode of our re-named and re-branded Rerouted Podcast. We also cover the company name change from “rerouted co-op” to “Rerouted” and discuss some of the new things on deck for us!


Repod-it! Episode 3: 5-1-2020

Chap and Brian discuss how to entertain yourself in a socially-distant world during the COVID-19 crisis. Chap also shares more about the launch of his Alpine Start workshop.


Re-Pod It! Episode 2: 4-21-2020

In a short update, Brian and Chap talk about what Rerouted is doing amid the COVID-19 pandemic and some ways to get outside in a socially-distant fashion during this crisis. We hope everyone is staying safe and healthy during these unfamiliar circumstances.


Re-Pod It! Episode 1: 3-2-2020

In our first episode of the Repod-It! our hosts Brian and Chap introduce themselves and share their background in the outdoors. Then, Chap talks about getting the ski area to himself because of COVID. He and his fiance had 500 acres of cross country skiing to explore. They also bummed a firepit for their picnic!