our donation policy

the rerouted co-op loves giving back

The rerouted co-op is committed to facilitating access and education for wilderness sports. Our vision is that all gear lives its fullest life - while providing massive value for consignors, buyers and wilderness charities. The rerouted co-op plans to see their donations contribute to environmentally responsible development and passionate recreational sports education.

for all our sales

Once consigned gear is bought - we donate 10% of our profits to our charity partners. We choose our partners because of their work on a need driven and local level. These organizations know what is best for their communities and we love providing support to them. If 10% doesn't seem like enough, because it's not, keep reading. 

for full gear donations

If you choose to fully donate gear, the rerouted co-op will cover the cost of shipping or pick it up directly when we are next in the area. Clear out your garage and give back to Mother Earth. 

mobile and online donation policies

When donated gear is sold online 60% of proceeds go to the organization that referred you to rerouted co-op; or, gear that is not referred to us will be sold and proceeds will be gifted to the most relevant wilderness charity.

The rerouted co-op plans to sell some donated gear during our adventures in the MGU. In this situation, we will give the standard 60% + an additional 10% to our local partner. We want to spread as much love as possible!

Chap, our founder, hopes to personally thank you for your donation and organize the logistics for your donation.

 575-741-6153 or email chapgrubb@reroutedcoop.com.