50 Dollar Tier ($60 Store Credit)

Pay $50 get $60 store credit available immediately plus a bunch of other cool stuff!

- 13oz ceramic rerouted co-op campfire mug

- 3 rerouted co-op stickers

- rerouted co-op fridge magnet

- awesome chapstick

- handwritten personalized thank you note

- your name permanently written on the door of our mobile gear unit that travels around the country to events

- shout out on social media

- A 50 dollar contribution can go much farther than you might think. With 50 bucks we could afford almost 5 hours of warehouse labor which may not seem like a ton but what 5 hours in the warehouse really means is around 150 new items could go up on our site, and adding that much stuff to our inventory brings us one step closer to having the dream inventory where you will always be able to find what's right! 

In addition to contributing, when you create an account you immediately get 10 percent off and you can use our referral program to earn points that you can spend anywhere at rerouted! Referrals are one of the best ways for us to get out there and grow our community so for a limited time if you refer a friend and they participate in our fundraising program you get 1000 points ($10)! You can do this as many times as you want with no cost to you at all! Even if your friends don't want to spend anything either you can still be rewarded 100 points ($1) if they "buy" the free tier!


To participate in referrals, just go to your account page and click on the button that says rewards and referrals. From there you can share your referral code, see how many people you have referred and spend your points on actual store credit!

Another awesome thing you can do is sell or donate your old gear to us! If you don't have enough money to donate why not make some money by selling all that old stuff you don't use anymore! It will help us expand our inventory so everyone can enjoy it and it will help you expand your bank account! (or give back to charity)