DAHU Monsieur Ed Ski Boots - Men's US 12

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Product Description

These are some really really cool ski boots! They have a removable inner that also functions as snow boots for walking around! These may have seen one use but there are remarkably few signs of wear on them!

From the manufacturer:

DAHU: An Animal Comfortable in its Boots

According to legend, the Dahu is an animal with two legs shorter than the two other ones, allowing it to move more easily over its sloped, mountainous environment. Inspired by the legendary creature, DAHU boots are designed to adapt perfectly to their environment and modern sking, which calls for performance, comfort, or both. How are DAHU ski boots different? Truly one of kind. Skiing has come a long way. The expectations and limitations of skiers have changed. Yet the overall design of ski boots has remained unchanged for the past 40 years. That's where DAHU comes in. Nicolas Frey, the creator of this unique concept, introduced a total breakthrough with respect to traditional ski boots. DAHU ski boots combine après-ski comfort with outer shell performance. The result surpasses the expectations from a traditional ski boot, with greater comfort and versatility.

Snow Boots : All-Terrain Footwear

Soft, confortable and stylish, it perfectly fits your foot, such as a high-end snow boot that i warm, waterproof and equipped with a slip-resistant sole. These easy-to-use boots can be worn in the snow or on asphalt, for walking driving, snowshoeing, or shopping. In order to meet the highest quality standards, DAHU snow boots are hand-made in Europe.

The Exoskeleton : When innovation means Revolution

Whether you are looking for performance or thrils, skiing should be about having fun. That is why Dahu technology focuses primarily on the exoskeleton. The après-ski boot fir perfectly into the exoskeleton, and the profile of the sole fits into the grooves at the base of the outer shell. This interface also allows for unparalleled support on the bottom of the foot for superior power transfer.
The loops are micrometric to grip the foot with precision. The openings on the exoskeleton prevent uncomfortable pressure points. The inclination of the Power Beam encourages an ideal ski position. 
Altogether, the skier has more accurate steering, with absolutely no loss of comfort.

Laces : the best tightening technology

Taking our inspiration from the boots of professional skiers, we have opted for laces to give your feet an unparalleled hold. The boot can be laced and unlaced very quickly, giving each skier the indisputable advantage of being able to adjust their tightening down to the millimetre depending on how they feel. Thanks to an optimal grip in your ski boots, you will obtain the greatest thrills and better control of your movement.
   - Elastic tube
   - Lock % Wrap
   - Ultra resistant laces
   - Ease of use
   - Unique and personalised hold

Gradual Flex : Traditional VS boot with "cabrio shell" system

In development, the option of a "cabrio shell" system (opening the front tongue) seemed like an obvious one for our technicians.The exoskeleton has been designed to give you a feeling of pure pleasure from the moment you enter the turn until you come out of the curve. The "cabrio shell" is significantly more haronious ans homogenous during flexion. Its geometry enables progression of great finesse and provides the skier more precise steering, which should be appreciated as much by occasional skiers as by professionals. The choice of materials is also an important factor to provide a dynamic ans sporty bounce.
   - Ultra-dynamic bounce
   - Easy to put on
   - 100% homogenous flexion
   - An ideal solution for all terrains

Power, skill and precision... These are just a few adjectives to describe the Monsieur Ed. An uncompromising boot that offers unparalleled comfort to top-performing skiers. An explosive design for a high-end model. Don't blink or you'll miss it! Monsieur Ed rarely stays in one place for long

Flex : 120
Ski Level : avancé
Exoskeleton's weight : 1,2kg
Boots weight : 1,0kg